Social Squad

Does your child need a boost in social situations?

In Sync believes in using the strengths of our kids to build them up to a place where they can have success.

Our program emphasizes conversational skills, understanding tone of voice and body language, building relationships, and more!

Each program is tailored for the needs and ages of our kids, to ensure a personalized and productive experience for our families.

We offer this 8-week program for a variety of age groups ranging from 6-15 years.

Registration for our 2018 Fall program opens January 22nd!

Social Squad FAQs

What does Social Squad target?

Social Squad has a variety of lesson plans and activities that will vary based on the needs of the participants of the group. The program will be personalized depending on the children signed up.

What ages does Social Squad target? 

Social Squad provides programs for ages ranging from 6-16 years. 

When does the program run?

Social Squad runs from January 20th - Mar 10th.

Groups for ages 6-10 years run on Saturdays from 9am until 11am. 

Groups for ages 11-16 years run on Saturdays from 1pm until 3pm. 

How long does the program run?

Social Squad programs run for a course of 8 weeks.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the 8 week program is 589.00.


  • “Candyce has made huge strides with our Autistic son. She has worked with him for the last eight years and over that time they have formed a wonderful relationship. She is patient, kind and extremely dedicated. Her methods of dealing with my son’s condition has resulted in him learning to tell time, understand money and learning to read proficiently. We could not have done this without her.”   Lorraine