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NeuroPlayCity is a play-school age group program developed by In Sync therapists and educators to combine learning with fun in a healthy and positive way.

NeuroPlayCity helps to maximize on a child’s learning and growth.

Combining preschool curriculum with our expertise in child development, In Sync created the program to enhance a child’s brain and body development in all aspects and stages.

By incorporating learning, play, and socialization, NeuroPlayCity engages both the brain and the body in new and creative ways.

Our trained program leaders facilitate learning through exciting themed activities, which are specifically designed to prepared and build on your child’s skills that they will use in their schooling and in their community.

Each program runs for 12 weeks with various monthly themes. These themes allow us to build on a child’s foundation of knowledge, as well as expand on it.

Registration is now open for our program in Fall 2018!


A typical day at NeuroPlayCity includes:

Free Play – Each group session begins with supervised free play. This is a time for both parents and children to familiarize themselves with the space. This also gives children the chance to become acquainted with their friends, and provides parents the opportunity to interact with one another. This helps create a warm welcoming space for the children to feel comfortable in on their own.

Song Time – Rhyming, rhythm, pronunciation and articulation are all goals of this introduction portion of the day. We will focus on facilitated verbal communication. Each weekly poem or song is carefully selected to meet age appropriate developmental goals.

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) –Integrated Listening Systems is a revolutionary tool used for focus, brain function, and overall development. While listening to music, our group will engage in several activities geared towards optimizing brain and body development. This helps us get ready for our day of fun and learning.

Daily literacy circle– Story time! Each day a story is enthusiastically read to the children, encouraging engagement with the story from multiple angles. Each story will enhance student learning through exposure to broad use of language, as well as facilitate the deepening literary comprehension levels.

Stations– Each of these stations have the children learning through play in four main areas: Language Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, and Sensory Skills. This helps prepares young students for Kindergarten and provides the skills necessary for them to work and play independently as they grow!

Language– This station features phonics, comprehension, and communication on the foreground of play. It will help the children jumpstart their learning in fun interactive ways laying a steady foundation for future schooling.

Motor Skills (fine and gross motor) – Our camp gives careful attention to motor skills by refining gross motor and fine motor skills in separate stations. As these are areas targeted in preschool and kindergarten, we provide ample practice for the children to use scissors, finger paint, increased finger movement, in addition to improving body awareness, balance, and coordination through fun themed games and activities each day. We parallel this movement opportunity with education on the importance of staying active to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

Sensory – The sensory station is intended to permit curiosity and exploration through each of the 5 senses. Playing with materials that are squishy, messy, soft, smooth, and anywhere in between allow the children to take in new information in as many ways as possible. Often stations like these are calming for children, allowing them to stimulate each of their senses in a new and exciting way.

Snack time – in the middle of each day we allocate time for children to have a snack and interact with one another in an unprompted setting. In this timeframe, we encourage healthy habits such as washing our hands before meals, and cleaning up after ourselves. Lastly, this time helps friendships to blossom and interactive skills to be enhanced.


  • “Candyce has made huge strides with our Autistic son. She has worked with him for the last eight years and over that time they have formed a wonderful relationship. She is patient, kind and extremely dedicated. Her methods of dealing with my son’s condition has resulted in him learning to tell time, understand money and learning to read proficiently. We could not have done this without her.”   Lorraine